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Happy Customers: cute Dachshund pictures

Everyone loves Weenie in the Window custom dog harnesses! But not all of our customers are Dachshunds! We have made harnesses for Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Pugs, Terriers, Miniature Pinchers, Poodles, Lhasa apsos, American hairless terriers, Chinese Cresteds, Shihtzus, Maltese, Mixed breeds, Cats, Kittens, and more! Click here to see a full list of breeds that will fit into our custom dog harnesses.

Below are just a few happy Weenie in the Window customers. Click here to learn how to get your dog featured on our website!


This is our little girl Ellie she is a 2 year old daschund who loves walking and exploring on weekends we normally walk 10 to 15 miles each day so we needed a good comfortable harness for her to wear. This is why we use weenie in the window. Dana's work is excellent, the harnesses are very well made and I would not go anywhere else. Also we live in the uk and postage was very quick and packaged well. If you need a good harness that is well made, comfortable for your dog and also looks good don't go anywhere else. Where ever you live just order one from Dana and you won't regret your choice. 11 out 10 service Bren, Sam and Ellie


Just wanted to let you know how happy I was that you all were back up and running again...and to let you see Tootsie in her latest "dress". The day we received it I immediately got on line to order another so there would always be a backup in case one was wet from rain. Yes, you raised your prices but quality is worth paying extra money and I know I will get a quality product from you. Thanks again for making such a cute, comfortable, and all around wonderful product! Sincerely, Paige and Tootsie


Finally got a picture of Lola (almost 12 yr. old longhair dachshund) in her wonderful harness. Went for our walk on this Easter morning, and I swear she struts a little extra when she's wearing it! Thank you again, Margy

Bella and Brandi

Thank you for the most recent denim harnesses for Bella and Brandi. We had a little "photo shoot" outside today just for you so I could send you some pics of them in their new outfits as requested. The harnesses are perfect fits and great for my girls- tough but still girlie. I love the Yoga Dogs lining you chose! Very cute AND functional. As you know, we have collected quite an assortment.


Just wanted to forward a picture of our dachshund, Shiloh, in her new harness! She was so excited to have her new harness and wouldn’t sit still for the picture! Haha (notice her tail is wagging!). Thanks, again! Fits her perfectly!


Thank you so much...we just received the harness and they are adorable. The cupcakes turned out to be so cute for Sami-Jo and the macho camo is neato for Rudy. I am sending pictures of them in their new duds. They were delighted to get them on and model them. Thanks again and we will recommend to our friends. - Marian"


I received my order today. They look wonderful. Sofie had to try them on right away. She had trouble deciding between the girly purple floral or the denim. I love them both! I hope you enjoy the pictures. - Robin


I received my Abbey's harness and it is soo cute! It fits her so nice. I will be ordeing another one soon. Thanks!


Sam's vest arrived today. It's darling! I love it and it appears Sam does too. Thank you so much - it was so worth the wait.

chihuahua Fiona in her custom dog harness

This is the best harness I have ever bought. It was completely worth every penny! Since it was tailor made to my pet's measurements, it is a  perfect fit! My chihuahua Fiona loves wearing it. It is just absolutely wonderful  to have a quality product that is functional, comfortable, and very stylish as well! -Wendy

Dachshund in their custom dog harnesses

We are very pleased with our new harnesses and the dogs seem to like them as well. They go on very easily and do not seem to hinder their movement at all.  The quality of workmanship is very high. I appreciate your efforts to put out a great product, and I'm sure they will last for years.
Cheers, John, Lily & Jackson

smooth Dachshund Daytona in her custom dog harness

This is Daytona and her mommy had this to say: "I just received my harness tonight and Daytona loves it! She has never walked for me in a harness of any kind before. I had her with me when I got the mail and I immediately put it on her. Daytona didn't even hesitate, she took to it right away! I'm really pleased with how it looks and fits on her! Thank you so much!"

miniature Dachshund in her custom dog harness

Shown above is Baxter. We just think he's the cutest little weiner dog! His mom had this to say: Thank You so much for the Harness that you made for Baxter! It fits him perfectly and he just loves it! Also Thank You for going that extra mile to find just the right pattern for my teeny weenie. You chose just the right style. I will definitely be ordering another one from you. Thank You :o) Kiersten

2 long haired Dachshund puppies in custom dog harnesses

Take a look at these 2 darling longhair Dachshund puppies! Here they are pictured in matching leopard print harnesses with car restraints and optional black frills. Their mommy had this to say: "The dog vests came today. They are darling, well made and fit beautifully. The pics aren't the greatest; it's hard to get them to sit still!. They're 13 weeks old now and a real handful, but they're little lights in my life. Thank you, Sunny"

Dachshunds Kati and Eli in their custom dog harnesses

The harnesses arrived yesterday and I LOVE THEM! What's more Kati and Eli love them too.  The ones I was using were just not working. Eli hated putting it on and I am sure had second thoughts about wanting to go out if he had to wear that thing.  These are just perfect and they are too cute as you can see! Thanks so much, I am so glad I found you and can't wait to see what you have next! -Judy

smooth Dachshund Princess in her custom dog harness

This lovely girl is Princess. Her mommy had this to say: "I just wanted to let you know that Princess just loves, loves, LOVES her leopard harness. She has lived in it for the past three days. She does not normally wear it 24/7. Normally I take it off her when we are inside, but the A/C has been up and she has been cold. Everyone who sees Princess just LOVES her harness. I need your business card's to hand out! LOL She is always attracting attention.
Thank You, Kelly"

red Dachshund in her custom dog harnesses

"This is Lorenza wearing her new harness. It fits perfectly and is so strong (Lorenza is a puller) and I think she feels comfy with it. She is so happy with her harness and proudly walks around our neighborwood here in Torreon. It is a shame we can not find harness for Dachshunds here in Mexico, but we are so glad we found you. I have already given your business info to many of our friends to contact you. Thanks a lot. Has been a pleasure to make business with you.
Veronica (Lorenza's mom)"

red smooth Dachshund Pablo in his custom dog harness

Canadian doxies love our harnesses too! Pablo's mommy had this to say: "I just wanted to say how much I love your product! It is so well made and keeps Pablo in line when we are out on walks. NO MORE TUGGING! So many people have complimented how handsome he looks in his camouflage harness with cargo pockets to boot. Thank you for making him the most stylish dog on our block! Kathy and Pablo"

dapple Dachshunds in their custom dog harnesses

These sweet dapple Dachshunds are Molly and Snickers. Their mom had this to say: "We received the harnesses yesterday and the doxies love them! They walk great on them! I took Molly to the vet to get her nails trimmed and she was very popular in her new harness! Snickers looks mighty handsome in his! Thank you so much for such a quality product; you're a pleasure to do business with! They enjoyed their peanut butter biscuits too! Alexa"

Pomeranian puppy Ripley in her custom dog harness

Here's Ripley, a Pomeranian puppy! Isn't she too adorable? Her mommy had this to say: "I took Ripley to the park the other day. She walked perfect in her new harness! Usually she will just pull back and not want to move. With the new harness she walked right next to me and it didn't bother her one bit. It was great! Not to mention she looked FABULOUS too! LOL! We will be doing business with you again for sure! Thanks!"

custom cat harness

This is Anastasia, she's an F-1 African Serval Cat. Her daddy John bought her a faux fur leopard w/ black satin "deluxe" harness. She looks fantastic doesn't she?

mixed breed Trinkit in her custom dog harness

This is Trinkit. She's a "Bitza". You know...bitza this and bitza that :^) She lives in northern Michigan with her mommy, Pam. Trinkit loves playing in the Michigan mud and snow. She's one rough and tumble puppy! She loves her new denim dog harness.

Turbo in his custom tux dog harness

Hi Dana!!,
We received Turbo's tux harness!!!! Fits perfect! Looks awesome! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! It means so much it was such a special project to you that you enjoyed! And thank you for the card with your beautiful words :).
Thanks, Dana!!!


Happy customers and cute Dachshund photos

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