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Dachshund Rescue/Dachshund Adoption links

Please adopt! Your heart will thank you!

Thinking of adopting a Dachshund? Listed below are some wonderful Dachshund rescue sites that can help your dream of adopting come true. It will be the best choice you've ever made, and a daily reminder of why life is so wonderful don't breed or buy when shelter animals die

If you would like your Dachshund rescue website listed below, please contact us!

Weenie in the Window respects, admires, and encourages Dachshund rescue. We want to thank you for your service to the Dachshund breed by giving you a 10% discount (off the first 5 harnesses) for those who work in Dachshund rescue. Contact us with proof of affiliation (rescue website with your name listed on it, etc.) and we will send you a custom Paypal invoice with the 10% discount. Discounts will also be given to adoptable Dachshunds who need harnesses before going to a new home, disabled Doxies, special needs Doxies, etc. Please contact us about these discounts as they are on case-by-case basis.

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