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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are dog collars dangerous?
You can greatly reduce the risk of any injuries when using a harness instead of a collar. Click here for more info on chondrodystrophic breeds and how collars endanger them.

Why are Weenie in the Window dog harnesses better?
We've spent years developing our pattern, testing it on lots of dogs, and are always finding new ways to further improve it. Click here to see how we've created the most comfortable, sturdy, safe, and attractive dog harness in existence!

Which breeds can wear W.I.T.W. harnesses?
Although we specialize in Dachshunds, we cater to many dog breeds (and cats as well)! Click here for a list of dog breeds that are ideal for use with a Weenie in the Window harness.

Why don't you make harnesses for dogs with a girth larger than 22"?
Most dogs with sensitive backs, necks, etc. are extra small to medium sized dogs. Most large dogs have sturdy necks and could walk in a collar without injury. Also, we can not guarantee that strong, large dogs wouldn't be able to tear out of, or rip, the harness. (We designed our product especially for small to medium dogs, so it's definitely sturdy enough for them.)

Do W.I.T.W. harnesses accomodate dogs with sensitive skin?
Weenie in the Window harnesses are excellent for sensitive skinned or hairless dogs. All of our fabrics are cottons and cotton blends, which are super soft, comfortable and breathe well. Unlike dog harnesses made of nylon webbing, our harnesses wont irritate or chaffe your dogs skin. Many customers claim their dogs wear our harnesses 24/7. Our pattern also allows for a full range of movement, so your dog wont mind wearing her harnesses all day long!

Does W.I.T.W. offer discounts for Dachshund rescuers or adoptable Dachshunds?
Weenie in the Window respects, admires, and encourages Dachshund rescue. We want to thank you for your service to the Dachshund breed by giving you a 10% discount (off the first 5 harnesses) for those who work in Dachshund rescue. Contact us with proof of affiliation (rescue website with your name listed on it, etc.) and we will send you a custom Paypal invoice with the 10% discount. Discounts will also be given to adoptable Dachshunds who need harnesses before going to a new home, disabled Doxies, special needs Doxies, etc. Please contact us about these discounts as they are on case-by-case basis.

Does W.I.T.W. offer discounts for bulk orders?
We offer free shipping on orders of 5 or more items. Since each item is handmade and sold at a reasonable cost, we are unable to further discount our items at this time. As our business continues to grow this may be an option in the future.

Can I get my dog featured on your website?
Maybe! We love to see pictures of our satisfied customers, and encourage you to send them in. Click here for details.

Can I link to your website? Do you have banners?
Yes and yes! Click here to see an assortment of cute, colorful banners that you can use to link to our website.

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